The Bass Collection
Harry Bass assembled an absolutely unique collection of America's monetary past, recognized for containing both the rarest and finest specimans of United States gold coins. The collection, on exhibit in a special gallery at the American Numismatiic Association in Colorado Springs, Colorado, includes as well an unparalled and definative grouping of the beautiful 1896 "Education Series " U.S. Banknotes. Designed to serve the novice collector and serious numismatist alike, the gallery displays specimans of every gold coin minted in America between 1795 and 1933. Supporting exhibits point to the history and art of numismatics and the allure of gold. The Gallery celebrates Bass's collecting passion, scholarship and true connoisseurship.
The Collection is diplayed in an oval shaped gallery that is finished in pear wood, linen and gold leaf. It contains bronze and glass casework that rests on parqueted polished limestone floors.